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Free for the taking.

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Upload to your own server. Comment.

UPDATED: I forgot about these:

I've beenm in a pissed off mood all day.
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Hello! I LOVE all ur icons so neato! I was wondering if you could make me an icon that says "I believe in SEX before marriage" I dont care about the picture in the back...if u want I will find one... Thank you so much :)

I tried to use colors that match your layout a bit. =)
Hope you like.
ahhh Thank you so much I LOVE IT!!!! wowie! Thank you so much credit to you! wow. *YAY* I'm so excited today!

it won`t let me post anything,
but can i do a request here? i know it pisses a lot of people off, but i just needed a mini movie of michael jackson in thriller- like no text at all.
but if you can`t, no biggie.